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Sanissimo - Bienvenido a la tierra que cosecha lo simple


to the ground that harvests the simplicity.
Sanissimo - Bienvenido a la tierra que cosecha lo simple


Saníssimo stands for flavors coming from the earth, from nature; products that are healthful and delicious. Each of its products has been taken care of since its harvest and get to the hands of its consumers simply and without added fats, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. With a slow baking craftsmanship that preserves the original flavors of the ancient & essential cereals. Sanissimo is simple by nature.

Sanissimo - Lo que nos hace únicos

What Makes UsUnique

Enjoying the simplicity and natural is delicious with Saníssimo

    Sanissimo - Nuestra esencia natural nos hace únicos

    Our natural essenceit makes us unique

    Sanissimo - Experimenta lo simple nunca supo tan rico

    Experiencethe simple never tasted so rich

    Sanissimo - Ingredientes simples que se transforman en grandes delicias

    Simple ingredients that transform into great delights.